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I've tested several distros, mostly developmental versions but there has been a pattern of buggy configurations. Option "AGPFastWrite" "boolean" Enable AGP fast writes. Note that an output name must always be specified, even if only one EDID is specified. Option "DRI" "boolean" Enable DRI support. http://reschecker.com/radeon-driver/ati-radeon-x1650-pro-linux-driver.html

XV_BICUBIC XV_BICUBIC is used to control whether textured adapter should apply a bicubic filter to smooth the output. You can use the "xvattr" tool to query/set those attributes at runtime. The default is off on PowerPC and SPARC and on on other architectures. Subpixel order is used for subpixel decimation on flat panels. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1034560

Ubuntu 16.04 Radeon Driver

Valid values are 16 and 24. Here is as much information I could gather about my vga card by running the following commands: $ sudo lshw (Only relevant information is listed here): *-display description: VGA compatible controller I dug a bit deeper and found the website for Envy. This attribute is useful for things like clone mode where the user can best decide which display should be synced.

Does a circuit breaker trip depending on voltage or current? Laptop #1: Dell Latitude D600, 1.4 GHZ processor, 1 GB RAM, Linux Ubuntu. When this is 24, there will also be a hardware accelerated stencil buffer, but the combined depth/stencil buffer will take up twice as much video RAM as when it’s 16. Amdgpu-pro Driver Plot3D without Shading, how to suppress it?

X Server 1.14 is required to support rendering and display from different cards. Tiled mode can provide significant performance benefits with 3D applications. Join Date Feb 2008 Beans 56 DistroUbuntu CE Ati Radeon RV250 (Mobility fire gl 9000) Hello Ubuntu fourms, I'm in need of drivers for my Ati Radeon RV250 (Mobility fire gl Option "DisplayPriority" "string" Used to prevent flickering or tearing problem caused by display buffer underflow.

The required knowledge to write the code may or may not be known. Amd Catalyst Linux XV_CRTC XV_CRTC is used to control which display controller (crtc) the textured adapter synchronizes the screen update with when XV_VSYNC is enabled. For an authoritative list of marketing to family relations, please see this link. Option "EnablePageFlip" "1" # 1/0 Increases 3D performance substantially # seemingly in XAA mode only Option "ColorTiling" "1" # 1/0 Increases 3D performance substantially # affected stability only positively on my

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The "low" power state are selected when the monitors are in the dpms off state. "low" forces the gpu to be in the low power state all the time. This is just added functionality, i.e. Ubuntu 16.04 Radeon Driver Option "ZaphodHeads" "string" Specify the RandR output(s) to use with zaphod mode for a particular driver instance. Amdgpu Driver Enabling this is frequently the cause of instability.

Your saying you installed Envy, and then it scrambled your laptop again. navigate here On cards I have tested, the open-source one works fine, with those. –Wilf Jan 18 '14 at 21:57 The link you last posted looks like it's for a very Most new laptops (2011+) are MUX-less. 7 Kernel 3.10 required 12 Kernel 3.6 required 14 Needs piglit and Lightsmark testing before enabling by default, see mesa commit 12dcbd595 15 Currently enabled Linux kernel parameters Try modinfo -p radeon to find up-to-date parameters. Fglrx Driver

The following driver Options are supported for UMS (Userspace Modesetting): Option "Dac6Bit" "boolean" Enables or disables the use of 6 bits per color component when in 8 bpp mode (emulates VGA PCI −− PCI bus AGP −− AGP bus PCIE −− PCI Express bus (used only when DRI is enabled) The default is auto detect. This option allows us to override the heuristic. Check This Out This may improve EXA performance, but beware that it may cause problems with OpenGL drivers from Mesa versions older than 6.4.

Use AWK to split substring by last n characters in to a new column What exactly does the Avast "remind me next century" option actually do? Amd Radeon Linux Drivers You might try changing the AGP mode: Option "AGPMode" "X" where X = 1 or 2 or 4 or forcing the chip to use the on board gart block: Option "BusType" X600 denotes a rv380 based card.

X1550 denotes a RV505, RV515, RV516 based card.

Valid options are XAA and EXA. Option "ScalerWidth" "integer" This sets the overlay scaler buffer width. TEXTURED VIDEO ATTRIBUTES The driver supports the following X11 Xv attributes for Textured Video. Open Source Radeon Driver MUXed have a display MUX to switch the displays between the discrete and integrated cards.

If you have a PowerBook or Mini with DVI that does not work properly, try the alternate options as Apple does not seem to provide a good way of knowing whether This is the default behavior. "auto" selects between "mid" and "high" power states based on the whether the system is on battery power or not. The pm code supports three basic methods: "dynpm" "profile" "dpm" You can select the methods via sysfs. this contact form The mouse cursor is 'stuck' and there is an entire system lockup.

Wiki page: http://www.x.org/wiki/radeon 2.